Transsmart is an logistic software-solution which is responsible for over 50 million shipments each year. The platform is used worldwide to optimize the sending process of webshops with over 400 carriers, 150.000 orders every day and shipping to/from more than 150 countries.


Transsmart had to move their out-of-date admin panel to a complete new environment where the user experience had to be improved. The old design was hard to understand and had a lot of potential to improve user experience.

Tasks & results

  • Design system for consistent design and hand-over to developers
  • Working in a multidisciplinary team
  • Brainstorming idea’s with stakeholders / PO
  • Clear deliverables by code-ready handovers

✅ Improved usability
✅ Satisfied users
✅ Complete consistent designs based on design system
✅  Structural communication system between me, PO and developers



On request


Design system

Made in Figma with over 300+ components


Let's collab! 🙌🏼