eMagiz is a powerful low-code iPaaS where users can make connections between applications and systems.

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Within eMagiz there was no UX/UI Maturity defined which did result in a platform with major usability issues. Brainstorming, workshops and stakeholder involvement were activities that didn’t happen at all.

Tasks & results

  • Awareness of UX/UI activities within my own team
  • Awareness of UX/UI activities throughout the whole companyBrainstorming idea’s with stakeholders / PO
  • Stakeholder management + involvement in the UX/UI process
  • From scratch on Design System creation with Figma
  • Organizing workshops/brainstorm sessions
  • Presenting research, ideas and results
  • Design hand-off with developers


✅ Easy to use Design system/library with scalable components 
✅ Major upgrade on the UX maturity within the company
✅ UX first approach
✅  Major usability improvements




The playground canvas re-design is based on Card Sorting research and interviews. 

✅ Categorized objects in logic order
✅ Affordances added to give a impression of interaction possibilities
✅  ‘Magnet’ canvas to align objects perfectly
✅  Improved the flow of adding objects to the canvas

note* the example above is just 1 of many features that have been researched and designed

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